“Together, we can develop and promote proactive strategies to address root causes of issues, include all voices and perspectives, identify tangible goals to measure progress, and cultivate trusting, transformational relationships that deliver results for our families and communities. I would be honored to earn your support!” Joy

Why I’m Running

From a young age, the importance of education, economic development, youth enrichment and equity have shaped my values and commitment to strong, inclusive communities. I was raised in a proud working-class home. My mother worked at King County Housing Authority for over 30 years, pioneering affordable housing in our region. My father worked at Seattle Parks & Recreation for over 30 years ensuring that all of our parks were clean and welcoming to all. My grandfather was the first Black teacher at Queen Anne High School.

It was my grandmother, Dorothy Hollingsworth, who truly inspired me to action on behalf of marginalized and underserved people in our city. She was a stern 5 feet 2 inches, and was the loudest voice for the underdog. She was the first African-American woman to serve on a school board in the state of Washington, and helped guide our city during the desegregation of Seattle Public Schools. She was a bridge builder, visionary and used a sense of humor to find common ground, open doors, and open minds.

Our family of educators, city workers, business owners, social workers and community leaders have all worked hard to make positive change in our city, and I am proud to carry on that legacy in my current work– and on Seattle City Council. Values of hard work, trust, commitment to the process, tangible goals and being optimistic are the old school values with a new school voice that will continue to guide me.

I was raised in District 3, and live today in the Central Area house my family called home. With your vote, I’ll build on my record of leadership and commitment, expanding affordable housing and homeownership opportunities, keeping people safe and healthy, investing in new ways to localize healthy food resources, nourishing small businesses and engaging and mentoring youth, protecting the rights of BIPOC, LGBTQIA, and other communities that have long found a home in our neighborhoods and City.

With your support I’ll focus on the issues we face every day– large and small– bringing City Hall to the people in need of service and support, and always have an open door to you– the people of Seattle.